Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Small oversight

So, I realized that I never posted some of my pictures from the fourth of July. I have a pretty good excuse. That would be my boys all becoming festering virus pots. Anyway, we went to the celebration at Fort Belvoir. Much easier to go to than trying to get onto the National Mall for the celebration actually in the district. (there are something like 13 security checkpoints, and you have to get there super early!) So anyway, here they are.

I don't know who these people are. I generally make it a point to not take pictures of strangers, and especially not take pictures and then publish them on my blog. But, there were a couple of moments/shots that I absolutely loved. This was one of them. This dad had three sons. (I fear pregnancy again cuz I KNOW Mark would give me another boy.) I loved that all three of them were sitting or resting on him. They all seemed pretty cozy, and sat like this for about an hour. (in case you missed it the third son's head is resting under dad's chin)This army guy was totally hitting on this girl. If you can't tell from her face she wasn't having any of that. She walked away and did the silly girl thing where she titters with her girlfriends. (I would have called her stupid if she had turned down a navy boy...)

I'm not quite sure why, but I really like this shot. She's not watching anything exciting. The music was loud and the performer dull.
alright, there is a familiar face. It was a rainy, dreary evening and it started to rain so we covered Kieran in one of the blankets. Braxton thought it was funny, so he tried to completely hide kenny. Bj and Amanda to the rescue!
Barrett and Kieran sharing a moment.
What is the fourth without an Elvis impersonator? He creeped me out actually. He started walking through the crowd and just before he got to our blanket he stopped and turned around. Thank goodness.
What is the fourth without fireworks?

alright, folks thats a wrap!

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Meggie said...

Elvis impersonators creep me out too...well, really Elvis creeps me out. He's so round and shiny...it's not natural.

Rochelle Murty Photography said...

Love the fireworks pictures! How's life? :)