Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because He's Freakin' Awesome!!!

The "he" in question is my daddy. Recently he recieved an award from the homebuilders association or something (I'll call my mom and ask and edit it as soon as its polite to call three time zones back). His award was for best bathroom over $50,000.00. Yeah, I about had a heart attack too. Then they gave me the final tally for the bathroom and the heart attack became a reality. $90,000.00. No joke. Also one of the most beautiful bathrooms I've ever seen. Since he's my daddy I get to brag and blog. These are the pictures in a magazine write up done on it. The one inch tiles around that tub? Specially made - and then specially laid by my dad. According to my mom - the whole bathroom was built by my dad from the framework up. I'm so proud of him I could do a jig. Yup, a jig.

These are some pics my dad took, of the shower. Man oh man, I would feel guilty putting my pantene in a shower like that. This shower calls for serious salon type shampoos!

Way to go Dad. Love you tons.

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