Friday, February 6, 2009

In This Moment...

... I am currently listening to five children and one husband play rockband. On the "no fail mode" if that is any indicator to the quality of play.

... I am cursing the fates for causing me to go on yet another househunting excursion. I hate househunting. I find it incredibly stressful and so far depressing.

... I Am glad that it didn't work out to go to the aquarium today - though I'm sorry for the reason why - I enjoyed being in pj's all day.

... I am wishing I had a digital video camera. Seriously, this rockband session is youtube worthy.

... I am missing Bob. Its been a year and that sucks.

... I am trying to figure out how to save up my allowance so that I can enroll myself in an online photography school.

... I am thinking this is the lamest blog post, pretty much ever.

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