Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday's with Braxton

This afternoon after I (finally) got Kieran to take a nap, [something that hasn't happened since he got sick - again] and was sitting on the couch reading when Braxton started banging some of his kitchen utensils against his kitchen. This was the conversation that followed:

Me: Braxton, please stop banging. We need to let Kieran rest so he can get better.
B-rox: Mom, I'm not banging I'm drumming.
Me: Ok, well please stop
~the banging begins again~
Me: Braxton, please stop drumming, Kenny is resting.
B-rox: Mom, I'm not banging or drumming, I'm pounding.
Me: Ok, no more pounding, drumming or banging
~the banging begins again...~
Me: Braxton, I said you need to stop making noise. Kieran is resting and I will be very upset if you wake him.
B-rox: No mom, you said no drumming, banging or pounding!

Oi. Sometimes its humiliating to be outwitted by my three year old.

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