Sunday, February 8, 2009

Breath in, Breath out...

... and then do that again. This is how I made it through yesterday. Yesterday was a great day, a huge day, a monumental day for our family. I don't think I've spent over 300k in my entire life - let alone signing for it in a matter of hours. Yes, people, we bought a house!!!! We bought a brand new one, and will be able to move in at the end of May. Which is good, because I need time to pick out paint, and pack.

Anyway, I took pics of the model - so my dear bob and all our family can see the house we chose - and I took a picture of the frame. I'll be going back every other week or so to document the building of our new home. **Disclaimer** Colors may vary...
The foyer. The doorway you see at the right of the picture leads to the rec room. Aka playland for the boys. Teh door at the back leads to the garage. woot.
Taken from the landing on the main level (not the entry level). The picture is dark. I apologize. That is our living room at the end and our dining room to the left.
Taken from the corner of the living room . The dining room is further, and the kitchen is beyond that.
From the corner of the kitchen. The morning room and the second of four bathrooms. I do not dig the huge produce posters. So don't worry - I won't have ONION in my morning room. ew
The kitchen. We won't have white appliances - ours were upgraded to stainless steel "green approved".

I'm standing in the shower for this one. This is Mark and I's bathroom. There will not be ugly wallpaper in ours though...

Those are the highlights. Bedrooms are bedrooms. The only thing that sets ours apart is it has cathedral ceilings. Anyway, here is a picture of our house.

Check back for updates and watch our house "grow up".

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PADA said...

Congratulations!!!!! How very exciting. Where is it? Have fun with the paint picking, that is the hardest!