Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Adult Night.

Mark's Mom and Dad rented the two of us a hotel for a night so we could have a date night away from our trolls. It was amazing. Again - a distinct lack of picturage. Sorry.

I bought my first LBD, and let me tell you I looked 'slammin'. (If nobody gets that reference I'll be very, very sad.) The husband was lookin' pretty sexy too. We had no pictures taken of us during this moment of "looking awesomeness" - so you'll have to take my word on it.

We walked around the touristy area of Niagra Falls called Lundy's Lane - or was it Clifton Hill? Whatever it was it was full of wax museums, gentlemens clubs, and Starbucks. We decided to go into a wax museum. The people were waxy. Laughed like crazy when the husband screamed like a girl in the horror section. There is a part of it dedicated to the movie 'Alien', and you round a corner and they have a life size replica of one waiting for you. Great moment.

We ate an extravagant dinner, over-looking the falls, that took us two and a half hours to complete. Amazing.

Then we took our special "penthouse" elevator up to our room.
This was taken the next morning - but shows the the "penthouse elevator" and how freaking tiny it was. We had to have a special key and everything. Fancy schmancy!
The hotel we stayed in. The room right under the clock? Yup, that was our room. 30th floor. Awesome.
Talk about a room with a view! (daytime version)
PM version. They use big gigantoid LED lights to light up the falls at night. The colors are always changing and I spent the entire hour that we waited for the fireworks taking pictures. Mark spent the hour coming up with different "codes" for what the colors meant.
This I believe he told me meant "SOS - we're out of bacon". A throwback to the seventies? (loved the tie-dye)Mark's favorite shot. He was enthralled by the rapids above the falls. He also apparently loves how the slow shutter speed makes them all long or whatever. The American falls lit up RW&B. Very patriotic. About two minutes after this a crazy storm jumped on top of us and we no longer had visibility out of our window. Thus ending the bloggable portion of the evening. :0

The next moring we went to breakfast.

We weren't amused by the $20 usd pancakes Ihop was offering. We so should have gone to the $6.99 breakfast buffet.

Thanks Peggy and Rickey - for one of the best nights EVER. We loved it.

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