Sunday, August 23, 2009

Upgrade of an old favorite.

I love dreamsicles. (For those of you who have seen my first floor - you should know this...)

Not too long ago my cousin told me about Make it and Love it blog.

While perusing for her uber-delish cole slaw recipe (actually called cilantro-lime slaw) I found this.

It's way too awesome not too post. It's an update on the classic dreamsicle:

3 cu. Orange Sherbet

1 pkg. Cream Cheese

14 oz (one can) sweetened condensed milk

1/2 cu. Orange Juice

8 oz cool whip

:Line 9x5 loaf pan with foil. Spread sherbet on bottom of pan and freeze 10 min.

While sherbet is re-chilling:

Beat cream cheese until creamy. (I know right? That is how the recipe said it) Gradually add milk and OJ until smooth and blended. Gently stir in cool whip.


When frozen solid (we got impatient and ended up with liquid centers to the white part) flip onto plate - and then remove foil. Slice and serve. YUM!!!
**My version has 3 cups vs. her version having two. We made it her way - and all agreed there needed to be a more even ratio of sherbet to creamy stuff. **

2 reviews:

EMac said...

That does look delicious

Jason and Katie said...

I am going to make this for my book club. Let you know how it works out! I am so excited!