Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All the other stuff.

Here is the hodgepodge mishmash of all the other cool stuff from our trip to the fall of Niagra. (I must not have had enough coffee 'cuz that right there was hilarious.)Nikola Tesla. In the Niagra Falls National Park. Can you say random? The Beauty and the Beast. Forbidden Love.The baby was so cute I could hardly stand it. It was really hard not to reach out and try to pet it.Mark, Braxton and I waiting to get 'nectar' so the Lorikeets would land on us. Braxton was all sorts of gung ho until the birds started landing on his daddy. Then it was pretty much "get me the hell out of here". I have a picture I'll scan in and post later. The Kenny bird.Purple nurple anyone?

Canadians really step it out across the cross walk. Look at this guy - he's nearly doing the splits! Does anybody else see the humor in this? (Yes, this was taken on the Canadian side.)The room for the boys in our hotel room at the Great Wolf Lodge. If you have children I really think you should look and see if there is one near where you'll be vacationing. As my my mother in law put it - "What more could you want out of a family vacation destination? Pitcher sized margaritas and a talking moose!" Plus an indoor waterpark, story time every night, an arcade, mini-putt putt golf and the coolest rooms ever. And the biggest lawn chair you'll ever see.

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