Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh Canada.

I got home yesterday, and uploaded my pictures, and realized I slacked. I spent more time enjoying the vacation - and less taking pictures. Good for me, bad for the blogosphere. So, I'll give you a rundown, and include pictures when appropriate.

After 12,000 hours of driving we crossed the border, met up with Mark's parents and then we parked the cars so we could walk across the border the other way... No joke. Mark and I spent two hours in line at the Canadialand border crossing so that we could park our car and walk back to the American side. It turns out that Canadians don't have an awesome national park dedicated to the falls. The IL's thought it would be best to break us in from that side.

On the walk across I learned that Canadians count the leaves on their trees. And apparently use a different system for numbering than America.

This was taken at the halfway point on the bridge back to America.


The husband: "I thought they would be taller."

Saw a rainbow. Was stoked. (How can you not love a rainbow - seriously?)
Uploaded the picture and saw a faint second rainbow above it. Doubly stoked.

Got (sort of) a family picture.
Kenny was cashed out in the front and B-rox was too busy with his dippin' dots to get out. We're all technically in the same frame. That's what counts.

Had a stranger take our picture- (Thanks stranger guy)- except he didn't include any of the falls but the mist coming off of them... That's us.

This concludes the first post of the Fall of Niagra. I promise - there's more to come.

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