Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gettin' Wet with Kristin and Koehn.

Kristin and I have been friends for a while now - (thanks bunko ladies) - but today was the first day we got our kids together.
There was some jumping... (ok for the B-rox it was mostly just sort of stepping out with two feet...)
Some practicing for future wet t-shirt contests...
There was a frog.Some touching of the frog. And a farewell to the frog. After I (hopefully) saved his life.
There was some "chase the little guy". {they moved too quickly to catch them decently in the frame. Who moves quickly through water? apparently three year olds.}Some mad posing. (or a mad game of good guys - bad guys. I'm pretty sure they targeted Kenny as the bad guy)

And some chocolate cupcakes.

I think they all hit it off. Way fun.

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