Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I know famous people.

Sort of. My bestest (Mrs. Wookie) got me hooked on a blog of a random stranger many moons ago. Marrying the Navy, is quite entertaining. I pretend that I know her so I don't feel weird about stalking strangers...

Anyway, Crazy Mrs. Wookie (she's a redhead, folks) calls me up last night during my macaroni and cheese dinner (that stuff is worth a blog post all on its own - so we'll save that for another day) to tell me she's seen Mugs' husband whose currently quasi-deployed to the other side of the nation.

I wake up this morning to all sorts of chatter about this event, reader of the year award, and some blogosphere hi-5's.

In my pre-coffee haze all I could think was "It's a small world after all..." Well - that and "how long should I wait before I eat more mac and cheese?"

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