Saturday, January 22, 2011

3 For 1 Special.

For my boys and their dunkings  in the name of the Holy Man.

They behaved amazingly.  Zore didn't scream (if they do - is an exorcist called in?  I mean, Holy water shouldn't cause screaming upon touching the skin - right?) and the boys sat like angels.  Which is awesome. Because we sat in the front pew.  In front of everybody. 

Is it weird that his tie matches the blanket?

Once again, I've caught my mom's face at a bad time.
Sorry mom.
Also, those were NOT the shirts they wore. 
Though, the tie is cool.  
This picture says "that broad needs to run". 

Random pictures of the chaos that was baptizing three kids at once.
Father Charlie went home and took a valium.
And then prayed.
A lot.
I'm sure of it...
GodFather Perkins lighting the "faith" candles.
Upon seeing this picture Hubband says:
"You have a very hot husband.  Most NR wives are not so lucky."
He does not have a diminished sense of self... But GAH! This picture is NON-flattering to me.
Mostly because I don't look too fat. 

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Mrs. Wookie said...

Ummm, so this white top...will you grow out of it and donate it to a gangly Ging??? It's super cute. :D

Word Verification: Pluta.

That's Pluto's wife.