Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Awkward Mother/Daughter Conversations.

There have been many of these over the centuries.  It seems to be that mothers and daughters, at some point in their togetherness, are going to have one.

My mom probably thinks its the day in the first grade, when during a library lesson on encyclopedias I had the "S" book", and came home and asked her about sex.
She'll probably tell you that's our awkward conversation.

I have a different conversation that comes to mind.

Me: Mom, while you're here we'll go get pedicures.  You could use the break, I could use the break - it will be superfantasticfabulous fun!
Mom:  Oh, that would be cool. I've never had a pedicure before.

*crickets chirping*

Me: Uhm... did you just say you've never had a pedicure?
Mom: Yes.  I've never had a pedicure.
Me: Oh, shit - really?
Mom:  Yeah, is that weird?

*More crickets*

Me: How is this possible?????

Last week I took my mother out for her first pedicure.  I felt kinda bad that it wasn't at some glorious spa -but the first time for things like this are often slightly lackluster.
I mean, who hasn't thought that a moonlit beach would be super-duper romantic, only to learn that sand in "romantic" situations is not so awesome????

She didn't seem to mind too much...

*On the way home*

Me: Thanks for going with me mom.  I love pedicures, and really needed this.
Mom: You're welcome.  I've never had a manicure either.

Here we go again...

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