Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 1 of the Rest of My Life.

Today is my first day without any help, where I have to leave the house and do things. 

I had Hubband home for 21 days and my mom here for 26 days.

Today I feel lonely, without an adult to talk to.  I've also been nauseated with heartburn at the thought of doing all this with three kids, by myself.
Zore doesn't care for the car.  Well, he doesn't care for the car unless we're doing at least 50 mph.
Call him Keanu... and me Dennis Hopper.  Or something like that. 
On top of just generally being an infant - he has a cold.  Like RSV cold.  Like keep taking him to the doctors to make sure he's not going to die kind of cold.  So yeah, that's awesome. 

Anyway, as this is the first day of the rest of my life (Hey, I'm up and doing *things* on five hours of interrupted sleep.  I can be cliche.) I thought I'd make a short list of the plans or things I'm thinking about for my life in the coming year.
[This is not a resolutions list, and yes my "plans" list is a month late. Whatev.] 

1.  Get back into shape.
This, I fear, is not going to be an easy endeavor.  Tomorrow I should be cleared for takeoff, and even 2 miles seems daunting.

2. Run 2 races.
I'm hoping to run the Rock 'n' Roll half in VA Beach, and hit a sub 2hr.   I'd also like to run the Marine Corps Full in Nov.  Yeah, I'd just like to finish.  No time goal for my first full.  

3. Get rich.
Ok, so that's not really it.  But - I am hoping to sell more photo sessions this year.  Every little bit helps, right? Also... get a new camera.  I'm pretty much desperate. 

4. School?
My goal, for what seems like forever, has been to go to nursing school.  Progeny 3, has pushed that back a few years.  It's made me profoundly sad.
I can't explain my feelings on not having finished school because of babies, adequately.  Just know that it's pretty much always hanging over my head and a major self-confidence killer.
I know what I'm doing at home is uber important - and I'm extremely blessed to be able to stay at home at just be with my kids.  (I even think this at 4pm - when all I want my kids to do is HUSH!)
For the last month, I've been toying with the idea of schooling that I can do at home - that will give me a quasi-career in something I'm passionate about.  (Nursing school is still on the agenda, but I'm impatient - and want something NOW.)  I'm currently looking into becoming a certified personal trainer.  I'd like to specialize in weight loss/nutrition and injury recovery (including pre and postnatal women).
It's still in the "formulation" phase, but it's a way for me to feel like less of schlepp until being IN school will be a bit easier on the family.

5. Paint my bathroom.
The only room in my house that I haven't painted.  Coincidentally, the only room that I get full control over.  The only "girly" room.  Ok, maybe not so coincidentally...

6. Build a teleport.
The plan for this year was to visit La Homestead in June for lil' bro's high school graduation - and then again at Christmas.
Some other plans have come to light and it's looking like we may have to travel in May.  Making travel in June too costly and difficult.  So I'll only be able to visit LaHomestead in Christmas.  Because my mom said that's when she'd rather have us.
Missing lil' bro's grad is pretty killer.  So, if I get on it now - I might be able to have a working prototype by June - and voila! Graduation in June, here I come.

7.  Sleep through the night.
Baby H is a grand ol' sleeper.  He goes down at about 10pm - sleeps until two.  Feeds and goes back to sleep.  IN HIS CRADLE!!!! Then is up again at about 5:30.  Pretty decent schedule, if you ask me.
But, by the end of the year - I expect him to sleep through the night.  By expect, I'm hoping, wishing and praying he will...

8. Buy shoes.
'Nuff said. 

Just a little "growth update" pic.

His appt. on Friday had him at 11lbs 12oz (fully clothed, diaper on)
and 22 inches long.

It's a "whompin" big baby! 

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Mrs. Wookie said...

Well I'm not working today, so feel free to vomit-text me if necessary.

And I thought K-man was a heavy baby. Holy crap! Someone ate his Wheaties in utero!

Poor B-man, runtin' it up!

Rochelle said...

Great goals! I need to get my booty out running again. LOVE the fuzzis - he is sooo cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Weren't you suppose to do a run at Walt Disney World, a princess kind of thing?

Hang in there & remember if our bosses can change the goals (set in Jan)to reflect the real year, so can you!

How does Kierran feel being a big brother?

Mommy McD said...

I was supposed to run the Princess Half in Disney World - but Mark's boss is out of town for the entire month, and I am not cleared yet for running. *crossing my fingers for tomorrow*
So, I wouldn't have had enough time to prepare.
I'm incredibly sad about it, actually.
Next year...

Karen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow cloth diaper. And his chubby little belly. And his monster feet. Too cute!

McDorky said...

Love the diaper :) I need to get more covers. Don't you use Flip or gDiapers?

You have good goals! Maybe take one class at a time until all the kids are in school?