Monday, January 3, 2011

A Little of This...

... A little of that.

B-rox wrote me a note.
Since deciphering some of his spelling/handwriting can be tough -
I'll translate:
You are being mean to everyone.
Love, Braxton"
Shortly before writing this, he and his brother had been careening around the living room.  I was feeling exhausted and had a bit of a headache, so I asked them to go play in the playroom for a little while.
Braxton freaked.  So, Mark told him if he wanted to be upstairs he had to pick up his toys.
After picking up his toys, he felt the need to vent.  As Hubband put it, "At least he said love Braxton?"

This guy turned Five.
A half decade.
Holy Moses.  I'm getting old. 

These are the pajamas in question.
He received them a few months before
Kenny was born... 
To B-rox,
To the boy who can fit in the same pair of pajamas for three years straight.
The boy who fancies himself a pirate, rockstar, and surfer dude - all in one.
The boy who doesn't realize he's small.
The boy, who - if you know him for more than five minutes - makes you forget he's small because his personality is HUGE.
My baby.  The boy who made me a mom and a better person.
The world is a better place with you in it.  Your laugh, smile and general infectious nature can only do good things.
Here's to the next five years, kid.  

We're adjusting.

As you can see, Hubband has mastered being a couch cushion -
AND wielding the remote.  

And this guy.
I don't, for a second, want him to think he's been forgotten.
Kenny - we love you too.  

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Rochelle said...

Uhh, weren't we just at his baby shower yesterday?! Time flies. Happy birthday, B-Rox! :)