Saturday, January 8, 2011

American Girl Dolls.

I used to want one with every fiber of my being.
I used to peruse the catalogs until my eyes bled, circling things that I would buy for my American Girl doll.
Once I had one, that is.

I never got one.

Now I have kids.

While said kids are babies, we rarely leave the house without them in some adorable outfit, usually dressed better than the rest of us - combined.

Even if that adorable outfit looks closer to something he should wear on Halloween.
I'm making up for never getting that American Girl doll.

We call this outfit "Sully".
If you don't know why, you haven't seen "Monsters Inc."

Baby dinoZore has to have a dino outfit,
Oh, my favorite was Samantha, btw.
She had the best clothes. 

4 reviews:

Hayley said...

Hahahahaha, dinoZore! I LOVE his Sully outfit. Mind sending that to me for when I have kids? I kid. Kind of...

Julie said...

Such sweet pictures :) Samantha was my favorite too :)

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

Who needs dolls when you can dress up REAL BABIES!

My fav is Sully.

Lindsay said...

Nice job on all the pictures lately. They're looking really good! I can't remember if I recommended this book, but if you want to learn to shoot manual, get "Understanding Exposure" You can get it on Amazon. That's all I read to learn how to do it. And once you figure it out, it's really not hard. And you have a TON more control over your pictures. Although some of the pics you're taking look like you did them in manual...did you figure that out??
I got the girl American Girl dolls for Christmas. They loooove them. And the clothes for those dolls is unbelievable. I'm not a doll person, but I'm a sucker for that stuff. The 3 of us girls sit and look through the catalogs everytime they come. So cute.