Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dog Days

Ok, I always feel like I'm skimping on my faithful blog stalkers, (yes you know who you are!) if I don't post some pictures. I didn't take my camera along with me today shopping. (I couldn't have captured so cute anyways...) So I thought I would post a little bit about a very special dog. By special I mean special-ed. Tucker is mentally retarded. His mother bit him when he was first born, breaking the growth plate in his snout and puncturing his sinus and causing drain bamage. (hehe) So, having had his nose broken it grew funny. Here are some pictures of this beast.
This is the look he gets when he hasn't had enough of his "doggie ritalin". This is what I mean by "grew funny". The top part of his snout grew crooked and now doesn't line up with his lower jaw. It looks like he's growling at you, and coupled with his size he can be intimidating. (he is a newfoundland/border colie mix and got most of his genes from the newf.) Really he's a big love bug and wouldn't harm a fly.
Alright. Thats all I got for today.

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Meggie said...

Poor puppy. To change your stuff, just hit "customize" in your blogger toolbar. When it takes you to all the stuff you can change, select "layout", then "page elements". If you click "edit" in "blog posts", you'll have a lot of stuff you can change around. I know that was a lot of "quotation marks", but they're so nifty. Enjoy!

Ashley said...

How dare you call out us blog-stalkers! I mean we're devoted fans.

I feel the need to jump on the bandwagon, but what would I blog about seriously? "So wook and I texted today. I had cheerios for breakfast." There's only so many times one can read that. :)