Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Bob and I have somehow made it four and half years without having our photo taken together too many times. Here are some of my favorites from the very few!Ok, this is exactly what it looks like. We were in the theater by ourselves and were taking pictures. We both thought it was humorous that my feet barely reached the seats in front of us and hers extended past a good 6-8 inches. Bob dwarfs me. (not that its too hard with me being only 5'4").
You don't even want to know what put those ridiculous smiles on our faces!
The lighting in this picture isn't so great, but we loved the background of the mountains. (I believe those are the Sisters... but don't quote me)

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Ashley said...

omg, finally...you posted about us! wooohooo!

i need to start scrapbooking our adventures. oh wait, i need money for that. maybe i should limit my pedicure sessions...oh wait, never!