Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well, my mom and I headed to Bend today to have ourselves a little shopping excursion. Of course the boys came with us. The boys are doing what kids do best and outgrowing their clothes. So our first stop was Fred Meyer's and the kids clothing department. What do most people say when they're shopping for babies clothes????? "Oh thats so cute". Well, my mom and I were no exception. This however would come back to haunt us....
At each stop we made we looked for kids clothing, (hey, gotta buy it while its on sale man!) and in the womens department for ourselves. Braxton, being the smart cookie that he is, picked up very quickly on the fact that when we liked something we told eachother how "cute" it looked. After Freddies, Braxton decided that he couldn't let his opinion go unnoticed. So whenever he saw something he liked (which happened to be just about everything he saw) he would exclaim "oh, its so cute". Hilarious. Then in JCPenny's (which happens to be absolutely laden with mannequins) he discovered that the "girls in clothes" were "so cute". We passed by a mannequin in shorts, and Braxton stopped to exclaim over it. This wouldn't be abnormal from the rest of the excursion except he really clarified what he thought was cute. This is what he said; "oh, so cute - cute KNEE" Then he started to rub it. Can anybody say fettish?

A good friend of mine from High School now has her beauty license and cuts my hair whenever I'm in town. (see the "new do" post for Props to Tawndy) Well we ran into eachother in Freddies. (This is Central Oregon... population - not many). We informed Tawndy that we made an appointment this morning for her to cut Braxtons hair (I'm tired of him being called a girl). After our encounter with Tawndy, other than "so cute" all B-rox could talk about was Tawndy. I believe they were even used in tandem a couple of times. "so cute Tawndy". His first crush. My little man is growing up. sniff sniff.

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