Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hiking the Butt

Yes, I know I spelled Butte wrong. The butte/butt mispronunciation gives me no end of amusement. (yes, I'm that mature).

While Bob was here we went on a little day hike excursion. Here are the pictures from our adventure. (only when you have a two year old can a 1 mile hike be an adventure)

Movin' Out. No, I didn't have a carrier at that time. Yes I ended up having to pass Kenny off to my dad. (you'll see later what kind of break my arms actually got.)

I love this picture of my dad and B-rox.

Braxton's attention diverted - 1time. Couldn't help but pet the little puppy. Braxton's attention diverted - 2 times. Loved the rocks.

Gorgeous views from the side of the butt. Yes, there it is again. haha.
Yep, this is part of the arm workout I recieved after passing Kenny off because of tired arms. Go figure right. Plus this is a really cool picture.
Here is the other part of the workout. Don't think it's working my arms? Try it. You'll see.
We made it to the top. This would be a pretty good picture with the exception of the fact that my little brother can't seem to cooperate beyond a two-year olds ability. Seriously, what kind of face is that?????
Apparently that mile tuckered the poor baby out. awww.
This old couple cracked me up. At the top of the butt there is a circle plaza visitors area. This couple (probably in their 60's) moved all the way around the circle, and every time they did this is the stance they would take. I thought it was absolutely hilarious!

Four words. Hunchback of Notre Gay.

It was a pretty enjoyable day. Braxton did great and hiked most of the way up the hill himself. he only had to be carried the last prolly 1/8 of a mile. Way to go kiddo!

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