Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little Boy All Grown Up

Ok folks, after many comments about him looking like a girl, and my husband telling me I can't come home - I finally had Braxton's hair cut. It was a lot less painful than I had expected. These are the before pictures. Look at how long it is... Here is the front... Man what a crazy kid! This is Braxton getting his hair cut by the infamous Tawndy.
He was such a good boy.
And now for the final "do".
This is the back. About 6 inches shorter.
A little less Psycho. Looking all grown up.

My little ladies man getting his flirt on. He has good taste. Tawndy is pretty good lookin'!

Thanks again Tawndy, his hair looks great!

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Meggie said...

Awww... Adam and I were actually talking about his hair earlier this week. Ha! And Tawndy really is cute. Braxton has great taste.