Monday, March 3, 2008

The Greats

Since we only have two weeks (well, less than) here in Oregon before going back to meet up with Mark, we've been visiting as much family as possible - especially since you never know what twist life has in store for you. The most recent visits have been to the Great-Grandparents, my gramma and grampas. Of course, we documented with picturage.If you count my mom and dad taking the pictures, there are four generations in this picture. Lookin' good Gramma and Grampa Dean!

This is my dad scaring the living bujeezus out of me with Braxton on his shoulders... Braxton and dad both loved it. So, I documented. It was an absolutely beautiful day outside so we left the confines of G-ma/G-pa Deans house and went for a stroll through the neighborhood. Gotta enjoy the great out-doors while weather permitting. Braxton loved having this much space to roam around on. The first thing he did was dig in the flowerbeds... Boys.

This is my red-gramma. She would KILL me if she found out I posted a picture of her without her hair done! So its a really good thing she doesn't have a computer... I think she's cute anyways.

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