Friday, August 8, 2008

The big day!

So today marks the opening ceremonies for the '08 summer olympics. A friend of mine sent me an article about them this morning. Here is the link for it. He said he was assuming that I'm in the "as much as possible" camp. He is correct. However much like the author of the article, I hate the human interest stories, I think the politics and scandals take so much away from the athletes who are there to showcase their talent and hardwork. The opening and closing ceremonies are boring. I generally don't watch those. I like to watch the sports. My favorites of the summer games are: swimming, diving, gymnastics, some track and field, beach volley ball, and water polo. As well as being a sports fanatic, I feel that supporting our athletes over there is important. Go USA and all that.

Ok, so maybe there is one human interest story that I'll be tuning into... Go MIKE!!!!

*little known fact - The first time I met Mark he was in a speedo... You could say I have a bit of a soft spot for swimmers. Especially good lookin' ones with whom I've had babies!! Love Ya Babe!*

2 reviews:

Michael said...

So you're saying you like all the sports that have shirtless men?

McDaniel Family said...

You forgot tight pants too.