Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Whole Quarter of a Decade!

Alright, blog stalkers - I know I haven't been online in a few days, and I'm sorry. However, If I were always online I wouldn't have anything to blog about. Mark's mom, dad, brother and sister have been in town since Tuesday of last week, celebrating the return of our own personal war hero, Eric. Go Uncle Sneaky! Anyway, the last couple of days we went down to Williamsburg, and did the water park, Busch Gardens, and Colonial Williamsburg. Super duper funness ensued. I'll have more pictures up later. While I was waiting for our dinner to arrive (pizza) I toyed around with some pictures of mark's parents.
These were taken in Colonial Williamsburg. Which was pretty cool, and I wish I had had more time to spend there. Unfortunately the two previous days completely wore the boys out and they had had enough of the whole vacation thing. This is Rickey and Peggy - or Gramma and Pa Hat in our house. A whole quarter of a decade together and they're still in love. Pretty awesome eh?

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