Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A day in the life...

My days with the boys are fairly routine. Get up, get fed - feeding my face is alway priority numero uno when I wake up, get dressed, get morning chores done, nap time, then the afternoon is usually when the boys and I do the playing.

Thanks to a great suggestion from my cousin, Lyndsay, (thanks, btw) I took the boys outside, sat B-rox down with a bucket of water and let him "paint" the driveway. With Kieran in the jumparoo, I was free to take care of organizing the garage and attacking one of the ginormous bushes lining our stoop. I cut it in half. It felt great to hack the crap out of it, and it looks much better too!
This was before I straightened up the garage. I promise, it looks much better now.
Aren't his little "gyuvs" cute? He was such a big helper! He helped put all those trimmings in the garbage!

2 reviews:

Ashley said...

Dude, is that a push mower?

McDaniel Family said...

yes, it is a push mower. We have like two square feet of grass. Mark is strong. Why pay the money for an expensive electric or gas when he can use man-power?