Monday, August 11, 2008


Braxton is becoming quite the little smarty-pants.
Today I gave Braxton a ten minute warning on nap time. (apparently its supposed to make it easier for them to accept. I still have yet to see this...) About two minutes later he comes in and tells me "mom, I found the problem!"
Me: "what problem?"
B-rox: "Nap Time"
Me: "Oh, how do we fix the problem?"
B-rox: "No nap."

Duh, I should have known.

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Meggie said...

Adam and I were planning on coming up this weekend, provided you guys aren't doing anything and I'm over my cold. Sound good?

Meggie said...

The verdict is in: we'll leave sometime tomorrow between 11 and 1. We should be up there between 2 and 4, then. Sound good?