Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Friendly Faces...

Ok, if you read this blog you have figured out that I love to take pictures. Mostly of my kids, cuz lets face it, I don't get out much. I'm no Annie Leibovitz, but my photos are slowly progressing. Here are some of my favorites from the last little while. This is little Miss Hayley. If firecracker were to ever describe a person, she would be it.

Weeeeee! I know this one is a repeat, but I really really like it.
Woohoo, the pool!
They don't look like they want to kill eachother in this one...

This one so says "I'm a 50's sex symbol". I love you Pickle.

Alright. I'm gonna end it with that. If anybody has any hints for me, I'm wide open to suggestion. Please, I'd really, super really like to get better at this!

3 reviews:

Ashley said...

I nominate wook and I. Oh wait, not exactly possible.

How about pics of Sarah? Yes, you.


Meggie said...

Hey, I'm hot! Yay!

Lindsay said...

hey Sara!
Are you shooting manually? That's my number one tip. You've gotta learn to do your own settings. Then you've got to get a "prime" lens, like a 50mm 1.4 lens. It really gives you the "professional" look. And when you shoot manually, choose your focus point to be in the middle (read your manual to figure out how to do that). You just need ONE focus point, not all of them. And when you focus, focus on the eyes of the person and then recompose. If that doesn't make sense, e-mail me and I'll try to explain myself better.
And though i still have a LONG way to go, if you ever have questions about any pictures I take and how I got them, please feel free to ask.
Lookin' good though! Keep it up.