Monday, March 30, 2009


Some priceless moments from my oldest.

Sunday morning at about 8:30, Mark and I hear Braxton wake up. We figured he'd come into our room when he was ready, so we continued to keep our eyes shut and enjoy the last few minutes of slumberish type laying in bed. After a few minutes we hear Braxton open his door and run into our room. He pauses, then runs back. We vaguely hear him talking to one of his "friends" (one of the 9 stuffed animals he keeps on his bed to keep the monsters away). After more talking he runs into our room, pauses, then runs back. I am a pretty light sleeper, and by this point my brain is pretty much up and running even if my body isn't. So I manage to tune into what he's saying this trip back to his bedroom:

"Purple Puppy [fyi, he's a black and white dog...] Captain Mark is not waking up. Dash Elephant - we need to get a plan. Ok, That sounds like a good plan, Ox."

So after that we hear his little feet race back to our room. This time instead of pausing in the doorway like the previous couple of times he comes in and goes around to Mark's side. This is where Braxton enacted his "plan to wake daddy". Mark doesn't wear shirts to bed. Often times it gets so warm that he doesn't even cover up with a sheet, either. Leaving his back - which was what was facing Braxton - completely exposed. Braxton stands there for a few moments then I hear this "pfffffffffffft", then a yelp and a squeal of laughter. Braxton gave Mark's bare back a huge whompin raspberry.
Seriously awesome plan B-rox. Love you kid. Mostly because I got to catch another 30 minutes of sleep until Kieran woke up.

So this morning, we're doing our daily dance party, (Where I turn on itunes and we move around like a bunch of wounded, rabid, seizing, platypuss' . Don't ask me why a platypus.) When Braxton turns to me and says, "Mom, I need a credit card."
I reply "Uhm, no."
Braxton: "Ok, how about tomorrow?"

How can you not love him?

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