Friday, March 27, 2009


So, this years Lent sacrifice has been quite the doozy. One hour is not as much as it seems. I have some photos to finish touching up, then burn to a cd for my friend, still have to blog, update my status on facebook and watch new clips on (Please watch dancing fail, honk fail, driving fail, and soccer fail if you need a good laugh.) Plus all that responsible stuff like take care of bills and whatnot. I've gotten a few comments regarding the lack of bloggage/new pictures. Sorry. God calls...

Anyway, Here are some way awesome things from the circus:

My boys have apparently been reading my cousin Lindsay's blog. Her girls are hilarious, and days that she doesn't post are sad ones. The poor woman has dealt with more body fluids in her four (almost five?) years as a mom than I hope to in the twenty or so years I will have kids under my roof. Well, yesterday the boys decided to take a page out of Mya's book and experiment with poo. When I got my iphone, my sim card had to be updated, so they just left it in my old cell phone. Which meant that it would still act like it functioned, but not be able to make calls. The boys thought it was pretty nifty (as long as I had remembered to charge it...). Well, Kieran is Braxton's little cheerleader, and likes to go along on bathroom breaks with him. Weird, but if it means I don't have to sit there for half an hour while B-rox takes the browns to the superbowl - then by all means, I'll take it. After what seemed like an awful lot of maniacal laughter I went in to check on what was going on. They were leaning into the toilet bowl laughing pretty hard. What did my eyes behold? The "awesome" cell phone laying on a nice brown pillow... I so wish I could say I was strong, and a super mom and just reached in to pick it up and throw it away, but I can't. I "forgot" about it (and for a while I truly did forget about it) until Mark came home. After a quick decision that hands SHOULD NOT reach into the toilet, I sacrificed one of my slotted spoons and had Mark put it to use. Don't worry - both the spoon and phone are in the garbage. Thanks honey. You're the best! It was gross, and a message that bathroom breaks should be monitored a little more closely...

A little angle experimentation. Braxton looks kinda big here. Which, he totally isn't. (He asked if I could put a picture of him on the "bwog" again. Here ya go kid.)

I haven't posted any pictures of our new house lately, the only real difference is that now we have a front door - and siding. The rest of the work is happening inside the house. It's almost time for a post-drywall walk through. It's very exciting. (for us anyway)

Oh, and a totally random note. I made meatballs. I cooked them in chicken broth. It was fantastic. Here's a completely random picture of them to accompany the completely random post I've just about concluded.

(This is the kind of thing that happens when housewives go crazy, folks.)

Well, Its time for me to go get dressed. I have a shift at the hospital tonight, and need to start getting ready.

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Rebecca said...

YES!! I'm not alone. :) I'm glad that I have now been associated with poo stories. And that is a good one. I'll be honest, I would have reached in, taken it out, wiped it off with a Lysol disinfectant wipe and let them keep playing with it. yea, we're nasty. If I threw away everything that got poo contact, Mya would be in the garbage.