Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello, God?

It's me Sarah. I want to ask where the heck the idea for snow in March came from - and thank you. I had just been complaining to my mom, that living over here, my boys would never know snow. Last night you dumped about nine inches! We had such a great day! Amen. Ok... maybe Kieran didn't like it as much as the rest of us... Pushing them to the sledding hill...All of us trekking up the hill.Braxton and Aunt Bop. "The fun one." I love that my three year old can take digs at me... Braxton and I at the top of the sledding hill. Those are my thighs. They're apparently still too big to keep out of the frame... Aunt Bop "wiped out"!!!!!!Cold chin....

A little cold weather snot wipeage.

We went out a total of four times today. It was alot of fun, and each time us parents had to be the whistle blowers on the festivities. Even though Braxton's cheeks and fingers were freezing - he so did NOT want to go in. By the end of the day our sled trail was slick as the snot B-rox licks off of his upper lip. We could fly. Braxton said "oh, mom I loved going so fast down the hill!" Great day.

2 reviews:

Justin & Rochelle said...

Looks like fun - I am jealous!!! All we got down here was raiiiiin. Yuck.

PADA said...

Love the hat, Braxton. Looks like fun, all except the cold part.