Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A little Davis Family Awesome.

Today I watched my friend's five children. Well, okay - she actually has six, but her eldest is almost as old as me and therefore didn't need to be babysat. I owed her a photo session. This is what came of it. (I do hope to improve once finished with my class...) A little Abbey Road action. Coincidentally, Abby - Luann's youngest, is not in this picture. From left to right. Alan, David, Ruth and Caleb.
There's Abby. She's the one in the middle. Dancing.
So, I'm going to admit that I totally stole this sort of idea from my cousin Lindsay. Its sort of her funbooth type of photo. Only hers are way more awesomer.

And the eldest. Thanks for a perdy good day Davis children.

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Lindsay said...

You didn't steal anything. Photobooths are all over the place in the mall. :) Looks good! And more importantly, looks fun.
what class are you taking?