Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Rattle of an Empty Car Seat.

Today was B-rox's first day of school. He was completely stoked, and sat in the circle like quite the big boy. Nobody cried (at least nobody from our family - there were plenty of other cryers there.) and Kieran even seemed to do ok leaving his brother behind.

Then we headed to Alexandria so we could pick up Braxton's cardigan, as it is pretty chilly here today.

I'm so excited for him. And me...

Golly I look le tired. He said goodbye and plopped down on the circle. Don't ask me what's up with the kid not in uniform....

Love you Braxton. I'm so excited for all your school adventures to come!

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Mrs. Wookie said...

I think the one with his hands on his hips is my absolute favorite. Oh my little Braxton, you're such a cute lil boy now. I remember when you were still Gus Gus and not gendered yet. Wow, we're getting old. Ugh.