Friday, September 18, 2009

This is Spinal Tap.

Turn your monitors up to 11 folks. That was lame. Give me a few posts to get back into the swing of things, please.

So, I'll make the long story kinda shortish.

*Saturday, I got a flu-type-bug. I guess I scared Mark, so he forced me to go to the hospital.
*There is apparently an outbreak of meningitis in the county of which we live. Some of my symptoms matched up - leading them to do a spinal tap.
*The doctor was semi-rushed as it was shift change, and 2am.
*He poked the "dura-matter" (covering for your spinal column)
*This meant that I had spinal fluid leaking out of the hole.
*That sucks.
*Uhm, percocet doesn't fix that kind of pain.
*For three days I leaked spinal fluid.
*On the third day I was pretty convinced I was going to die.
*Mark was too - so he packed me back up and took me to the ER
*They did a blood patch. (take blood from your arm and inject it into your spinal column to clot over the hole.
*Two hours later I could almost sit up pain free.
*I've been chillin' on bed rest to make sure I don't blow the patch. Because honestly, that was the worst pain ever. I would rather give birth un-epiduraled again (and I really liked the epidural I got for the second go 'round with that whole messy business) Labor/delivery would be a walk in the park compared to this.

So that is the whole "where's Sarah" story.

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Jason and Katie said...

OMG! I am soooo sorry! Horrible! Now all the FB updates make sense! Glad you didn't have meningitis! Spinal taps are the VERY WORST - my husband had one when he was little and his mom, who was a nursing student, almost passed out just looking at it. Yikes! Praying you feel better!