Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I cuddle with...

These are seven of the books I bought with the gift card from Peggy and Rickey. The first night I just sat there with them on my lap. I couldn't decide. (the other seven books are leather bound Jane Austen) In case you're wondering what books I bought:

Vision in White By Nora Roberts (I can't help it - I'm just as addicted to her as I was at 16)

A Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs (One man's memoir of his quest to follow the bible as literally as possible for an entire year. So far a very well written, funny, interesting book)

Outlander by Diane Gabaldon (have no clue... sounded good... time travel... scottish guys fighting...)

Newjack By Ted Conover (A writer goes under cover as a guard at Sing Sing Prison)

Lady Chatterly's Lover By D.H. Lawrence (gotta love the classics!)

Demon Ex-Machina by Julie Kenner (the fifth installment of my Demon hunting soccer mom series)

Guilty By Karen Robards (a thriller to round things out)

I got the books Friday night. Saturday afternoon I read Vision in White and then once I finished that I started A Year of Living Biblically: One man's Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible. Oh yes, He does. And it's hilarious. Especially when it ticks off his wife. For instance - he tells her that the week she's surfing the crimson tide - he can't touch her. Or sit anywhere she's sat. So she sits on every surface of their home, except the six inch high bench for their toddler. Great stuff.

I love books. Thanks Peggy and Rickey, the gift was wonderful - I even Love NY a whole lot (like six nights a week a whole lot). :D

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McDorky said...

If you like Year of Living Biblically, you should read the Unlikely Disciple. The guy he wrote it was taught and mentored at Brown by the A.J. Jacobs. One of my favorite books of all time! Very interesting...

Mrs. Wookie said...

Yay, books. I graced Fred Meyer with my presence while the Sheriff was picking up some milk, but there wasn't anything there. Minus Instyle.

I'll try B&N later tonight if I can. I'd like to have something to at least stare at while I pick my butt from PDX to ORF. Wish me luck.

PADA said...

Cuddling with books - also my favorite! Thanks for the additions to my "to read" list.