Thursday, December 3, 2009

God is good... but the Beavers are better?

Ok, so I put the question mark so I wouldn't be smote (smoten? smited? wth is it? I have no idea how to conjugate this!) upon this spot. I have to pick Braxton up at 11:30 after all. Mark would be very angry if we had to pay daycare fees at school because I was blasphemous and was struck down in my chair.

Last night in OCIA class, we discussed the liturgical year, and Advent. As Sunday was the first sunday of Advent. Upon the suggestion by last nights instructor that we use the nativity scene(that I now have, thanks to my most wonderful mommy!!!!) as a teaching tool for the boys, we put the wise men in a different part of the house, put the shepherd out to pasture (yes, I cracked up upon writing that... you are allowed to groan), and hid baby Jesus in a drawer. Man, I'm really asking for that bolt of all holy lightning to come down upon me, aren't I?
Anyway, Braxton is a smart cookie and that was the first thing he noticed this morning.
(His exact question was "where did all the Jesus' go?" I guess we also need to work on the idea there is only ONE Jesus...)
So, I explained the story - etc. Summed it up by saying "we're getting ready for Jesus to come, but he's not here yet - so we don't have him out".
Braxton: "Is he coming today?"
Me: "No, I don't think so."
Braxton: "Good, because I want to watch the Beavers tonight."

In summation, Braxton is a Beaver Believer. And he cracks me up.

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