Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Gym Creates Fun Fodder for the Blog.

Today was the first day I made it into the gym this week. Yesterday Mark and one of his carpool mates got up before the buttcrack of dawn and drove in. Which meant waaaay too early for me to try and get my run on.

Over the weekend, they replaced the scent in the atomizer with something Christmas-y. I'm pretty sure it was Christmas Mace. (That's an official Glade scent right?) Every fifteen minutes, my hour long run was punctuated with coughing fits and a mad dash to the water fountain. I wasn't the only one. My morning run compatriots; "short asian gramma" and "braces most of his weight on the arm supports guy" did the same thing, at the same time. Every time that atomizer went off it felt like mace in your eyes and your throat. (Thereby making it very difficult to run.) My throat is still sore, which has sped up the rehydration process. I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

I'm sure you've read a post or two about bikini girl. Well, she hasn't gone away. I've been trying to be a better person and not trash her so much. Today that resolve has failed and she will make another appearance here.
She still wanders in in just her bikini. This morning when I got to the gym the thermometer said it was 30 degrees outside. Warm up suit? HELLO!!!
But today she had a little boo-boo, a small hitch in her step. She has road rash, err - I mean treadmill rash, on her right side from string to ankle sock. The poor, idiotic thing apparently couldn't keep up with her speed and lost it. The treadmill taking with it, a piece of her. By this morning's appearance, she didn't learn that had she been wearing pants, or capri's like us sane people in the middle of winter do, she would most likely be fine. So blue and green striped bikini it was.
I just don't even know what to think anymore. I will say at least she's showing up at the gym? Yay bikini girl?

I think there is only like 13 or 14 weeks until the race. Woot!

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