Friday, December 18, 2009

Mental Purge.

Do you remember that post a while back about how overwhelmed I felt, and the crazy list of things I had to do (that as soon as I published I remembered about four more - but didn't have time to edit it...)?
Well, I still have most of it to do. It's totally killing me too.

Between Turkey day down in Norfolk, the Hamthrax attack on our house and the subsequent sleepless nights I have yet to recover from, I've just been a useless blob - barely slogging through the day to day.
The night before last, I ended up getting a whopping 3.5 hours of sleep. Yesterday was supposed to be my day to get the house bright and shiny in preparation for the descendeth of family today. I didn't. I put on all my comfy fleece and crawled my butt into bed for the three hours the boys napped. They were blissful hours, I shall miss them so...

Today isn't looking much better. Mark was supposed to be home today, but has to work the "morning". (It usually ends up being most of the day. *Sigh - then move on*)

So, this was the plan for the day:
Wake up an hour later to run, since Mark is home and can take the B-rox to school.
Run, Shower, Dress, Eat, inhale some Java (repeat if necessary)
Clean the kitchen, and floors.
Fold all the linen laundry that has been sitting in the hallway for two days
Pick the B-rox up.
Get to B'n'N in Springfield to get this coming year's planner
Take Kenny back to Cartoon Cuts, because this last cut has him looking Totally effed up.
Get to Target to get a few gift cards.
Give hugs to the two family members that arrive firstest.
Bake a batch of cookies for Braxton's school's Fala lalalalala.
Go to Fala lalalalala.
Fall into bed and sleep until someone kicks me.

The plan now looks like this:
Wake up at 4:30 for a run I didn't want to do (treadmills blow)
Shower, Dress, Get kids dressed - breakfasted - shoed.
Take B-rox to school
Come home, inhale Java
Attempt to pull myself away from the computer.
Fold laundry
Start cleaning the kitchen....?
Start cleaning the floors...?
Pick up the B-rox
Feed the children
Hopefully *fingers, toes and anything else crossable, crossed* pick mark up at 1ish.
Finish Kitchen?
Finish Floors?
Bake cookies
Hugs for the fam.
Fala lalalala.
Oblivion, until kicked.

Kieran, I'm sure, will survive this wreck of a haircut he has. Until it's fixed I'll only take pictures of him like this:

Wish me luck.

Note: I'm waaaaaaaay backlogged on blogging, and am hoping to find a free moment or two to catch up before the new year. Bear with me until then, please?

Onward Ho...

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Holdings said...

I totally know what you mean. Its crazy here always. I get behind on the blog then I have time and post a couple then nothing. LOL