Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: A McDaniel Review

In the way of "yays" and "nays".
(And in no particular order)

Yay: To surviving another year.

Yay: To surviving Mark finishing another degree. He now holds his Masters in "A lot of fancy words to say I'm even more qualified to build a nuclear reactor". I'd say we're done, but apparently there's a program where the Navy will pay for his PhD... some day it will be my turn.

Nay: To Chip Kelley. Beaver Fans, do I really need to say more?

Nay: To the beautiful hardwood and ceramic tiles throughout 90% of my house. My cold feet problem just became worse. As did the atrition rate of my socks...

Yay: To "Glee". Best new show of the year. This show has given us the line "Mentally ill pygmy ging with bush baby eyes". Love you Bob!

Nay: To Glee songs on iTunes. I do not appreciate listening to the groaning my husband creates each week when he see the the three or four dollars I've charged each week...

Yay: To Google Translator. The blog got it's first international follower! From Portugal! Hi there!

Yay: (I know two in a row... jeesh) To Obama calling Kanye a Jackass. Does Obama hate black people too, Kanye? Say what you will about his politics, we all know he nailed that one on the head.

Yay: To joining a book club! I've wanted to do this since I was about 8! (Now, I just need to get a nook. Seriously.)

Nay: To the first book I have to read for the club being "Twilight". I've already read all four, and don't believe they enriched my life all that much. They did however improve my comprehension of the words: Pale, god-like, beautiful, clumsy, rainy/wet, vegetarian, pale, god-like, beautiful, clumsy, rainy/wet, vegetarian... get the picture?

Yay: To my bestest moving to the wrong coast to be with me. Ok... Maybe not to be with me, so much as I'm a perk of her moving out to be with Mr. Wookie. I'll take it though! Love my left coast lovers!

Nay: To my bestest following her silverback gorilla to the CA in May. Not fair! (insert pouty face here.)

Yay: To Netflix Streaming! Seriously awesome. I don't know how I'd be able to watch four million episodes of "Dr. Who" if it weren't for Netflix streaming...

Nay: To packing peanuts. Bad for the earth. Very, very, very messy. Nobody likes them. Why are they still being made?

Yay: To another pregnancy free year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have several thousand eggs I'm willing to sell. Anybody interested? We know they work!

Yay: To becoming Auntie Da.

Nay: To not having met my nephew yet.

Yay: For another year with these two:

They make every year, month, week, day, hour, minute and second worth living.

Yay: To my husband. To celebrating six years since our first date. To so many years of us being together in the future. To the boys' daddy. The best one a kid could ask for. Mark, you make the years happy.

2010: Look out! Here comes The McDaniel Family Circus! We're gonna rock your world.

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