Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Rockstar Hath Arrived...

A couple of months ago Braxton's school did a fundraiser. Since Mark had just been hit by a car, and I had just had holes poked in my spine - we didn't advertise it too much. Thanks to some uber awesome family and ourselves Braxton sold enough items to take part in the special "prize".

What was that prize you ask?

I answer, "Quite possibly the coolest prize I've ever heard of for a school fundraiser. It sure beats those radio flashlights and light-up jump ropes from the fundraisers of my past".

The prize was a limo ride to lunch. Where was lunch? Chuck E. Cheese. The mecca of awesomeness for those 12 and under.

The red carpet treatment. Which, I'm sure, was completely lost on Braxton. "Ooh, look, orange and white balloons! Why is the ground covered in red?"They've returned. About time too. They were a tad tardy - and I'm still too much of a nervous nelly not to be checking my phone every couple of minutes and looking up every time I hear a motor. Limos crash too, ya know. Braxton being assisted out of the vehicle. Because lets face it. Even though he's outgrowing those uniform pants we bought four months ago - his little legs are still a tudge short. And brotherly love at its best. "It's good to see you little brother."

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