Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Smash.

The boys had some issues behaving prior to Halloween this year, and thus lost the privilege of going to the pumpkin patch before Oct. 31. We did, however take them afterwards, when they started behaving again. (After some very crafty parenting manuevers) The pumpkin patch we visit does the "pumpkin smash" the week after Halloween. It was such a blast, we've now decided it's the best time to visit.
No Crowds, You get to see stuff get smashed, catapulted, and thrown to hell and back - what more could a person want?

Note: Blogger is being a wacknut today, and the pictures are in random order according to where the good folks running this show would let me put them.
The smash maze (actually just a row of hay bales lined up with pumpkins in the middle). You get to stomp all over them. Fun for 2 and 4 year olds. Gross for mommies.
SMASHHHHHHH! From 100 feet up, and full of water. They wouldn't let me get any closer. Apparently if I get knocked out by a flying chunk of pumpkin, its their fault or something...This will be one of my favorite pictures of the B-rox for all time. It's him, there's not much more to say, other than I took it while we were in a porta-potty...Can you tell he's having an absolute ball? I love his enthusiasm for everything he does. My little adventure-er. The hayride at this place is pretty spectacular, and I believe we were watching Obama land in a spaceship or something...

I know what you're saying here "gee, that Mommy McD, she sure is a snappy dresser!" Or not...This smash was a double header. Shortly after this, some saftey guy put the fence up and the picture quality went downhill. In the words of Mike Rowe "Saftey somewhere in the top five - never first."
Can you hear my heart melting? Even though only 33% of those boys are actually looking at the camera, and only 66% are smiling?
One of the best days of the year! Can't wait for Pumpkin Smash 2010!

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