Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First off...

Happy Birthday to the bestest.  Your present will be in the mail shortly.
Wish we were there to celebrate with  you.

On to my story of the day.

For some time (I suspected, due to my mattress), I've had an achy shoulder.  It doesn't hurt when I run - and that's about the only time it isn't aching.

I don't remember any specific moment when it started, or remember any specific moment that could have caused it.

It's just been an ache.  I figured I'd throw it in the "my body hates me because I got knocked up again" category, and deal with it if things got worse.

Last night, they got worse.

The ache started becoming a sharp pain.  I figured the vacuuming, sweeping and bathroom scrubbing (nope, didn't do the toilets), had over-tired it.  So I went to bed.  After an hour of tossing and turning - I couldn't take the pain.

Tylenol is crap, people.  I don't even know how they get away with marketing themselves.  They should start calling themselves "Placebo"  or "Haha - Suck it Pregnant Lady - I'm all You've Got!".

Anyway, about fifteen minutes after I went downstairs my arm went numb.
My hand swelled.  REALLY swelled.  If I hadn't felt like my hand were pregnant too, I would have taken a picture.  The lotion I kept spreading on it to keep my skin from stinging - didn't help.

I had set a time limit.  If at two am, this hasn't gone away - Mark is going to have to drive me to the hospital.  
It hurt.  A Lot.

At 1:30am - my hand started un-swelling.  Is un-swelling a word?  I got feeling back in my arm.
My shoulder only aches now.

This is a weird occurrence, right?
Is there a doctor out there that can explain this?
I'd prefer it not happen again...

2 reviews:

Rochelle said...

Maybe a pinched nerve, or something of the sort? That doesn't really explain the swelling though...

Just my non-expert opinion, haha! I hope you get it figured out.

Mommy McD said...

Rochelle, I actually think you're right.

I think I have a pinched nerve, and after yoga (where I popped a a few times, in a few places) I also may have sort of pinched some sort of vessel - and the laying down in bed exacerbated it or something.

I don't know. I'm adding an hour of swimming to my runs (because they've gotten too short for my taste) so I'm hoping that maybe the kink will work itself out.