Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Tuesday Morning Dollop

Of Mommy McD's brain.

It's nothing like a "Dollop of Daisy".

*Last week, "Teen Mom" ended for the season.  I am SO sad.  I would have loved to watch how Amber's investigation into her gross neglect and abuse goes.  Hopefully, it turns out well for Leah.
Also, really - who names their kid Leah Leann??????

*But, to ease the sadness, I've become addicted to "Sister Wives".
There are not enough words to describe my relationship with this show.  I can't stop watching - yet I'm horrified the whole time I do.  (And yes, this is with the acknowledgement that my genealogy has it's polygamy roots.)  
Kody annoys the crap out of me. Which is impressive given the stage of pregnancy I'm in...  Too far?  Hmmm...
Seriously, from a psych standpoint, he's grossly immature and is using multiple wives to be his mommies.  Well, that's the simplified version anyway.
As for the wives... Serious self-esteem issues...
*Shudder - ew*

*At Braxton's school today I over heard this conversation:
Dad to girl dressed in t-shirt and skirt:  Honey, it's too cold outside to play today.  Tell Mrs. ^^^ that you're to stay inside today. 
Girl Dressed in t-shirt and skirt: Ok Daddy. 
Doesn't seem like a weird conversation?  Let me fill you in on a few facts:
1. It was currently 60 degrees.
2. Projected temps for the day - 75 degrees
3. This was not a preschooler.  This was one of the 6th graders.
4. My humble opinion is: If your 11 year old can't dress herself appropriately, let her suffer.  She'll learn.
- Oh, and 60 degrees is NOT cold.  Brisk, a bit nippy, maybe even a tad chilly.  NOT COLD!

*At Starbucks today, I practically had to hold a gun to the barista's head in order to get her to make me a FULL CAFF mocha.
Me: Grande Mocha please
B: Decaf?
Me: No, I'm out of coffee at home and I may not survive the day if you make it decaf.
B: Are you sure  (Gestures to belly)
Me:  Yes.  Please, Grande Mocha.  I didn't ask you to put cocaine in it...
B: Ok.... if you're sure....


*My hand swelled again the other day.  Mark was awake to see it, and he may or may not be concerned.  The man is like stone.  Never gives.  Except that one time, where I gave him his first son....

*I engaged in a particularly loopy conversation on fb last night with bestest and family. I learned a few things:
Discussing accessories for colostomy bags isn't really funny.
But, that there are accessories for colostomy bags.
(I would like to note that I hope to never have one, and now feel like I should donate a dollar to Colon Cancer research...)
Adding raspberries to my zucchini bread sounds like a bueno idea to other people, not just me.
The Ging family is pretty funny.  I love them.  Lots.   Enough to put them at the top of my "visit list" when I'm back in OR next summer.  (right behind my own familia, that is)

*Kenny sings when he is "dropping the browns off at the superbowl".  Loudly.
Or he meows.  Which, when coming out of his mouth is pronounced "me-wow".  It cracks me up every time.
The mirth stops as soon as I hear "Mommy, I'm done - come and wipe my booooooooteeeeeeeee". 

*B-rox went to the dentist last week.
This was more horrifying for me than when he was admitted to the hospital for sepsis.
The dentist lacks some pretty serious parental bedside manner (Though, he's AMAZING with kids) and pretty much told me I'd failed my son.
He has to have two kiddie root canals, and a few fillings.
Apparently, all because I nursed him at night and didn't brush his teeth afterward.
I would just like to note - that I would like to meet the person who would brush their three month-old's teeth at 2am.
And then I would like to run them over with my car.  

*The fetus is head-up breech.  There's time for that to change, so I'm not concerned, but am pretty sure I prefer being kicked in the ribs over being head-butted.  There is not enough room in my ribcage for my heart, lungs and a head.
I wake up and night pretty sure I've just suffocated.  Then realize I'm awake, and can't decide if I'm more thankful to not be suffocated or pissed that I'm awake.  

*I found a Santa Fe style cafe that serves real sopapillas.
The cafe makes you order in batches of four.
Let's just say that the waiter was... shocked... at how many I ordered.  
Instead of dipping them in honey, like I normally would, I dipped them in my jalepeno cheese soup.
I may have replaced my cheesburger craving...

*Now that my Non-decaf coffee is pumping through my system, I'm going to go make raspberry zucchini bread.

Please have a safe and happy Tuesday!

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Rochelle said...

Oh, we are soooo on the same page (channel) TV-wise!!! Too funny. I already left my opinions on your FB page. :)

Random: I did hear recently about someone putting a bag of frozen peas up by fetus' head to get it to turn. Weird, right? Apparently it worked for her, though.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

I am stuck on the words, "Santa Fe style cafe that serves real sopapillas."

It is 9am and I am drooling.