Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Patching. 2010 style.

As it has been since, oh, March - it was hot as balls here in the NOVA area.  Never in my life have I wanted to take off my clothes at a pumpkin patch.  Generally I'm thinking to myself, "Me, you're an idiot for not wearing warmer clothing". 

But we had a pretty good time, none the less.

The hayride.
Which is always awesome.
And Braxton knows it.

The "big giant" slide.
He would have done it all day...

I have no idea why I love this picture so much.
But I do.
So if you're reading this, You have to look at it

The bravest he got on any of the slides.
Notice that one hand is still clutching daddy.
Very Firmly...

His hair is the center of my attention.
Because it's awesome.

I realize I never take pictures of my kids with the pumpkins...
So this year, I'll try to remedy that after we decorate them.  If I don't, know that we got pumpkins.
Happy Fall, Y'all!

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