Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Happenings and Other Adorable Stuff.

**Today I split my pants in front of B-rox's entire school.  They did not rip at a seam, they ripped in the middle of the pant leg.
And, because my life is awesome they did it high enough that every person behind me, or beside me got a great view of my pink lace, zebra print boy shorts.  

I cried all the way home.

**The other day, the boys entertained themselves.
They are all flipped on their back, because as B-rox explained
"You don't sleep on your feet, mom"
By making all of their monster trucks take naps.  On the stairs.  That's not dangerous at all! 

**I'm in that awesome phase of pregnancy where I'm hot.  All. The. Time.  
With the last two, I was thankful that cooler temperatures were setting in about the time I hit this phase.
Yesterday it was 77 degrees here.  Not awesome.
The other night, it cooled down to 55 degrees.  Being the loving family that they are, the three boys let me keep the windows open all night to refrigerate cool the house down.   They're awesome.  Because when they wake up, it means I get pictures like this:

Say it with me now:

**I got bored the other morning while B-rox was filling his brain with more smart.  

This confirms, that it's definitely time for a haircut. 

** This kid is now reading.  Mostly small words.  And cupcake, of course. But, it's reading.  And I don't even know where the time went.

If only you could hear the noise accompanying this
He's taken a liking to comic books.  The problem is, I don't know how to read them as a story.  So for now, he's stuck with making up his own storylines to  "Calvin and Hobbes" and "Get Fuzzy".

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Rochelle said...

Love all the new pics! I think Connor is getting a PBK chair for his birthday - are those the oversized or regular ones?