Friday, March 18, 2011

Let the Parade of Colors Continue!

Holdeezy became 3 months this week.

So, everybody applaud my ability to get the pictures up within a seven day timeframe!!!!!!!

Orrrr... look at his Sir Chunky-leg Cutey-pieness!

At three months he's nearly sitting up.
He's still one of the easiest babies I've ever met.
Loves his brothers.
Loves his daddy.
Loves his mommy mostest.  (And, she's totally soaking it up while it lasts... 2 years old and the daddy love comes way too fast.)
Loves his grape purple diaper - because it is a manly color.  
And sucks his thumb.  We failed on the pacifier attempts.  He's a thumb sucker.  Fun... 

[Quick update/note: I am working on updating the header/blog in general.  No, this isn't like full-time employment.  You don't have to put in 6 months before you get benefits.  You just have to start sleeping through the night...]

4 reviews:

Anonymous said...

good luck on breaking that nasty habit. But what a total cutie - will you be redoing your header anytime soon?

PADA said...

Oh so cute! I want to see him and actually I want to hold him!

PADA said...

Oh, so cute! I want to see him and actually to hold him. I haven't had a newbie to hold for 2 years!

Karen said...

Oh my, those diapers are just too adorable. The baby wearing them isn't too bad either. :) Seriously, what a beautiful baby boy. Happy 3 months!