Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patricks Day.

Why this warrants a blog post... I don't know.  But it's getting one. 

And holding his balls.
Just like a man... 

Things I know about soccer:
1. Little kid cleats are a-freaking-dorable
2. Pele was 5'5" tall
3. Beckham just knocked his wife up again
4. Vevuselas are annoying. To the extreme.

A trip down the slide.
Baby H felt it was a little underwhelming...

Looking at alligators in the turtle pond...
no, there weren't really alligators. 

A park with multiple slides
A large field to run in
A merry go-round
Several other kids his age
And this kid chooses to play with a stick. 

The other thing I know about soccer:
This kid looks like he was born for it. 

Cutest, and most fitting St. Patty's day shirt

2 reviews:

Mrs. Wookie said...

Okay, that first statement of Mark holding his balls. Good thing I wasn't drinking coffee...because that was hilarious. Oi. Time to drink coffee now. Nose tsunami warning over.

PADA said...

These pics are so adorable. You have a house full of cute boys! Can't wait to see them again - sometime. Sometime soon.