Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Braxton has a ball pit here at Grammy and Poppy's place. It is apparently multi-functional. It can be used as a weapon, place to play, something to hide under, and affords me many great photo opportunities. This was Braxton attacking my mom. His aim was a little off and I had to duck instead. Great action shot of the balls though.
His facial expressions throught "assault on precinct grammy" were priceless.
I have many more shots of this, but these were the only ones with balls. I had a hard time getting the timing right. I need to work with the shutter speed and whatnot... I'm working on it.
This is what I meant by hiding under. He dumped out all the balls and then laid under it. I don't know what runs through his head most of the time. I figure I'll take pictures then ask him later.
This picture is just so B-rox I can't get over it.

I think he was getting tired of me taking pictures. (This is VERY rare.) But again - makes a great shot.

Oh, his shirt was off because his "neck was itchy". Just FYI.

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Lindsay said...

Sarah! I just realized you had a blog. I never check myfamily anymore, but thought I'd check just to see if anything was new. I discovered you and Susan have blogs. I'm so glad. Blogs are such a great way to keep track of people. I'm not the best commentor but i'll check often! Glad to see the little man is keeping you busy. oh, and I love his hair. :)