Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Tuesday

So, today is happens to be Fat Tuesday. This day is the last day before forty days and forty nights not including Sundays that good Catholics and Christians give up and indulgence or sin of sorts. For me this decision is always an agonizing one. I never want to sacrifice something inconsequential, but I also want to make sure that I don't renege on my sacrifice. The year I gave up caffiene was tricky for the first week, but turned out to be a great thing as I am mostly caffiene free 5 years later. The year I tried to give up sarcasm and saying negative things lasted all of about 2 weeks. Finding the happy medium between those two is something I spend most of the month of January doing. Then Fat Tuesday rolls around and usually it becomes a last minute decision. This year has been no exception. I picked Mark up from Starbucks this afternoon and he got in the car and said "happy Fat Tuesday". This was an "Oh crap" moment for me. I thought about giving up Starbucks for this years sacrifice, but then quickly realized I would be in podunk Oregon and the nearest establishment is about an hour away. So since that wasn't really a sacrifice it was quickly rejected. I thought about trying for that whole sarcasm thing again, but then quickly realized that while I have a two year old and a nine week old I probably shouldn't try that one as it requires too much brain power for this sleep deprived mommy. So I thought for a little while longer wondering what do I indulge myself in often enough to be considered a sacrifice? (Long hot showers came to mind, but I like to smell good so that went out the window quickly.) Then I realized that I eat something that is non-nutritious almost everyday to give myself a treat for eating well (ironic... I know) and I knew I had my answer. Desserts. All of them. No cookies, brownies, ice cream, cake, candy, chocolate or popsicles for the next 6 weeksish. I'll let ya know how it goes...

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