Saturday, February 16, 2008

Grammy and Poppy Time!

Well, we've been at my parents for a week now. Of course there have been and will be many memorable moments. Here are a few of my favorites so far. Grammy and Poppy have an incredibly deep tub. Braxton can splash the day away with minimal cleanup outside the tub. Its a great time. This was his version of "look cute for the camera"
This is just a reference as to how deep the tub is. If we were to completely fill it the water would be about 4 inches above his head.
I just love this picture. And its G-rated. Thats always nice.
My little chef. Notice all the bath toys are kitchen utensils????
I posted pics of Braxton in the tub at G&P's house, so I thought it only fair to post some of Kieran's first sink bath at thier house.

I love that through the whole bath his face was void of any emotion. Except maybe contempt. Kieran: "Jeez guys, give a guy a break and let him be naked in peace!"

This is just the first of the posts for today. I'll prolly put a couple on at a time, once a week.

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