Saturday, February 16, 2008

The fun just don't stop.

Here are a few of other fun moments here in good ol' LaPine. This is Braxton talking to my dad on the phone. My dad works in Portland during the week, so he calls nightly to say howdy to my mom and do all of that marital chit-chat. Braxton gets in on the fun now if he's awake. He also feels its necessary to wave when he says "hello" on the phone.
I love getting pictures of the boys together. Braxton always seems to enjoy it more than his little brother. I suppose thats the story of siblings. Braxton "had his dad on the phone" and said it was Kieran's turn to talk.
He's in there. Its like those "cross your eyes and then you can see the hidden pictures" pictures.

This is Kieran in his "Jungle" gym play mat thing. He always has his hands behind his head. Very laid back.

'Til next time folks.

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